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Beula Park Means “Married Land”

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The Mount Zion Prayer Hill is established as a platform for the accommodation of individual prayer partners, intercessors, prayer groups and ministries across denominational and church boundaries.

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Welcome to the CPR Centre

The vision of Beula Park is to utilise the facility as a national and international Conference, Prayer and Resource Centre that will not only be instrumental in the expansion of God’s Kingdom, but will also contribute to the promotion of unity in the Body of Christ. The three divisions of the CPR Centre at Beula Park are distinctive, not only in their geographical outlay, but they are also marked by the following three different colour codes:

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Beula Park Academy To Launch Digital Literacy Course

Beula Park Academy is proud to announce that it will soon be offering an international Digital Literacy Course from its premises. The course, designed to assist children and students from ages 16+ will aid in the development of computer and digital literacy skills....

Beula Park to Host the 4th Annual Africa March for Jesus

The leadership team at Beula Park International Conference Centre are thrilled to announce that the venue will again be hosting the annual Africa March for Jesus 2017. The original March for Jesus took place in Melbourne, Australia in 1983. It was the brainchild of...

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